Phase One Demo

We just began the first phase of demo.  The building is getting a sprinkler system.  The ceiling needed to be torn down to allow for the sprinkler install, and the ceiling needed to get torn down.  The elementary school acoustic panels were not giving the look I am after :)  Right now we have the ceiling torn down to the rafters.  I think we may be keeping the open rafters.  We are excited to see the design and begin buildout.

This week we met with Ryan and Courtney from Echo Architecture.  We love their vision and feel fortunate to be working with them.  We gave them wide parameters.  We suggested everything from polished concrete, to wood, to astro turf for the flooring.  We asked if there could be somewhere we could suspend a belay chair with climbing rope from the ceiling.  We want something simple.  We want something cool.  We want something different - Steve Jobs is a big inspiration for me :)

We are looking forward to getting the drawings, finishing demo, and getting the space prepped for buildout.  The health department will also begin their part with drawing review.  Placement of the hand washing sink is going to be paramount :)  

My neighbor and I did the demo of the ceiling.  I wanted to do it to save money but also get more connected to the business.  I think I’m going to want to look back and know that I was actively involved with the build out.  However, I will probably look to pay a crew for the rest of the demo.  I expect some block walls will be getting torn down.  Plumbing will be moved.  Electrical will be involved.  After almost bringing down the 30” HVAC vent - this made me think I probably should have paid the $700 for the building demo crew, but then I went back to thinking $700 was just way too much :) - I know I don’t have this skill set.  We are dealing with about 1000 square feet.  I’m currently looking to hire a demo crew.  I’m interested to see what cost estimates will be and trying to find a fair price.  I don’t want to take money away from anyone but I don’t want someone to hook a vacuum up to my bank account.  Like everything in life, I want what is fair.  

Moving forward!  Happy about moving forward!