Last Friday drawings were submitted to the building department.  There were some changes and the engineer is updating the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) drawings.  Fortunately my architect has been able to walk the drawings through so it looks like we should have the permit by 01 JUN 16.  I have been meeting with contractors and should have bids coming in next week.  Build out starting in early June is realistic.  I’m still hopeful to be opened the end of June but with health department inspections, mid July may be more realistic.  We are getting there!!

I’m super happy with all the work Echo Architecture has done with the design.  I can’t wait to see the space developed.  The following pictures are what the space will look like.  The last picture in the series is our planned furniture.  

The window has an awesome view of Pikes Peak.  

And the green mound in the corner will be our simulated grassy knoll.  Galvanize in San Fran did something similar.  I think our knoll and swing chairs are going to be my favorite seats. 

The next pictures are of the bar area and bench seating on the opposite wall.

Below are our furniture selections.  I thought about getting all cork stools for the bar but am concerned about the cork staining … and customers carving their initials in them :)  But the chair looks so cool I had to get one and plan to put it behind the cash register.  

I also saw this.  I’m not sure if it will go in the cafe.  However I will have room for it at home.  How cool?!