Red Point aims to: Red Point aims to: (1) provide delicious, nutrient dense products ethically, sustainably and affordably, (2) create honorable employment, (3) develop a repeatable and scalable model that will continue to grow creating more opportunities for honorable employment and providing more nutritional food to our communities.  We are always looking for driven people to move forward together.  Positions needed are for retail food service, product development, website development, marketing, and investor relations.  Please read through our mission and principles and team vision.  Below you can submit your information and we will be happy to contact you.

Mission and Principles

Mission Statement: Cafe Red Point will do their part to change the world for the better by providing nutritionally balanced beverages from quality ingredients to support health and wellness in the consumer through responsible business practices focused on supporting the local economy by local sourcing and creating honorable employment.


Create a work environment that excites us to get out of bed, a work environment that we are passionate about.  We are doing our part to change the world for the better.

Respect each other.  Respect our customers.  Respect our community.  Respect the environment.

Develop enthusiasm in our customers.  We will go beyond customer satisfaction.  Loyalty develops through customer enthusiasm.

Provide the highest quality products from responsible, locally sourced as available, ingredients through to preparation and service of our products to our customers.

Positively contribute to our local communities and the environment.

Profitability is necessary for our survival and reaching our goals of bringing quality nutrition and improving the local economies around the world.

Cafe Red Point Team Vision

Our business will be successful as our employees are successful.  I want to do everything I can to see you succeed and in turn the company succeeds.  Our customers are the most important part of the business.  We exist to make our customers happy.  You are the second most important part of the business.  The company does not exist without you.  Our model requires ruthless efficiency.  This is only possible with your efforts working as part of the team.  My vision for our team is in the below paragraphs.  

Every one hunts, everyone fights – This was MG Bolger’s motto.  I’ve been in the Army to some degree for over 21 years.  I’m keeping this motto because this is the type of team I want to be a part of - a team of people I would want to go hunting with and a team of people I would want to be next to in a fight.  We are a start up business.  We need everyone hunting for opportunities, and as a start-up, we are going to find ourselves in some fights.

Broken window theory – Fix the small problems.  We may not ever have to face big problems if we take care of the small problems as soon as they happen.  

Positive environment – Be contagiously optimistic.  Bad attitudes, hard attitudes, too cool for school, all stop progress.  Be approachable.  We will get more done working together.  I strive to always be approachable.  Be cognizant of the way you address each other.  Talk with a smile on your face.  We will accomplish more in a positive environment.  Just as those who subscribe to the alkali diet believe, cancer can only form in an acidic body. 

Yes men – Be a “yes man.”  Yes, let’s get this done.  Yes, let’s work hard to get this done.  Yes, I know a better way to get this done.

Clear guidance – Many times there is not going to be clear guidance.  Often times you will find yourselves in positions where there is no guidance.  I need to trust you to figure “it” out.  Take initiative.  Understand that for someone to give clear guidance, it is taking them away from doing their job.  You wouldn’t be needed if you need someone whose job is to give you clear guidance.  We all know what is right and what is wrong.  Work hard and try to do what is right; chances are everything will work out fine.

Produce something – In an organization there are two ways to be successful: 1) work hard and produce; 2) give the impression that you are working hard and producing.  Choosing the second is not helpful.  Do not be the person who finds more problems than solutions.  Get out of the way of progress if you do not have a solution.

Disciplined vs. professional – Well-behaved dogs are disciplined.  Who eats first, who walks first, and who sits where all matter to dogs.  We are better than this.  We need to be professionals.  Professionals know their roles and do their jobs without having to be disciplined.  

Profitability is necessary for our survival and as a measurement of our success.  Profitability will be a product of our efforts working together, doing the best job we can.  Let’s move forward together.

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