Our Story

Inside all of us is a desire to do something good.  We all want to do what is right.  We all want to do our part to change the world for the better.  

Red Point aims to: Red Point aims to: (1) provide delicious, nutrient dense products ethically, sustainably and affordably, (2) create honorable employment, (3) develop a repeatable and scalable model that will continue to grow creating more opportunities for honorable employment and providing more nutritional food to our communities.

Red Point is on a journey to contribute to changing the world for the better.  We are concerned over the nutritionally lean food options being consumed as regular parts of the modern diet.  We are concerned over the lack of contribution to the local economy and the exploitation of labor by retail establishments.  Our aim is to be part of the solution to these issues.

Our goal is to provide nutritionally dense and balanced products that support a healthy diet and contribute to overall health and wellness.  We strive to do our part to contribute to our local communities by local sourcing as much as possible and creating honorable employment for those in the local community.  

We have a passion for moving forward in the right direction.  We are excited to see where this journey takes us.  

“We've all been given a gift, the gift of life. What we do with our lives is our gift back.” ― Edo

Guiding Vision

We will do our part to change the world for the better

Provide delicious nutrient dense products affordably, sustainably and ethically

Contribute to local communities, local economies and the environment

Create a business that excites and develops passion and enthusiasm in both our team and our customers

Profitability is necessary for survival and for reaching our goals of impacting the wealth gap and health crisis