We started because we believe that there is a gap in nutritional retail food establishments, especially nutritional beverages.  We don’t believe what has historically been reported in the media on what constitutes a healthy diet.  We more believe productions like Food IncFed Up, and what has been written by Gary TaubesMichael Pollan and elite trainers like Charles Poliquin.  

We don’t accept that a calorie is a calorie.  110 calories from a soft drink has to metabolize differently than 110 calories from an avocado.  The sugars in our beverages are coming from whole fruit with fiber.  We believe what’s important to health and wellness is natural, quality food consumed in a way that has a balance of macronutrients.  All of our recipes strive to combine the highest quality of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins in to products that you will choose to consume and enjoy.  Food is fuel.  We strive to deliver the highest quality fuel to feed your pursuits.  

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The average 16 ounce whipped cream capped espresso based beverage contains over 50g sugar and 20g of fat.  The sugar is not coming from whole fruit.  The fat is not coming from what we consider to be a healthy source. 

BBC published this article on the sugar content on some drinks.

*nutritional content was empirically calculated.

**Nothing on this website has been approved by the FDA, doctors, or nutritionists.  No one at Cafe Red Point is a medical doctor or nutritionist.  Cafe Red Point is only stating what they believe to be true, and again, we are not doctors nor nutritionists.  Please consult with your medical provider for your nutritional requirements.